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Resist Empire & Militarization

November 20 - November 22

Where: Fort Benning, Georgia

This November 20-22, 2015, we will return to the gates of Fort Benning to take a stand for justice and accountability.

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Registration Now Open: NLG International CLEs - Indigenous Peoples Rights & the UN Charter

July 9, 2015

Register now for the 2 innovative and informative mini-CLEs to be presented by the National Lawyers Guild's International Committee on October 22, 2015 at the NLG Convention in Oakland, featuring...

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Seven key points in U.S.-Cuban Relations

May 27, 2015

Although talks between the U.S. and Cuba are in themselves a milestone for two countries which have lacked formal ties for more than 50 years, they only mark the beginning of a much longer and...

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New Report: Delegation to Colombia Peace Talks in Cuba

May 2, 2015

A strong contingent of NLG members participated in a recent delegation to Cuba to observe, meet with and learn about the Colombia peace talks, organized by the Alliance for Global...

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March 12: US-Cuba Relations: What does "Normalization" Mean?

March 11, 2015

In December, Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro announced that the United States and Cuba would restore diplomatic ties and the remaining three of the Cuban Five were freed. This panel, with...

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NLG Applauds Release of Remaining Cuban Five

Urges US to Respect Political Asylum Status of Assata Shakur in Light of Plans for Renewed US-Cuba Relations

December 19, 2014

NY Times:A Prisoner Swap With Cuba

November 2, 2014

November 12, 2014

Cuba Travel Fact Sheet

A chronology of struggles and responses to defend our right to travel to Cuba (through 2009)

March 26, 2014

Nelson Mandela, Presente!

December 12, 2013

Act on the Fift of Every Month for the Cuban 5

NLG Cuba SC Chair Art Heitzer's Letter to President Obama on Sept. 5

September 12, 2013

President Barack Obama: Remove Assata Shakur from the FBIís "Most Wanted Terrorists" List

Join Angela Davis, Danny Glover, & Alice Walker in opposing FBI/NJ $2 Million bounty on Assata Shakur

June 7, 2013

Register today! International Committee CLE at the NLG Convention

REGISTER TODAY - International CLE: The Inter-American System: International Options When Justice is Blocked

August 31, 2011

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About the Cuba Subcommittee

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The Cuba Subcommittee of the National Lawyers Guild has a history of both providing direct legal services related to U.S. travel to Cuba, and also doing education and organizational work in support of normalizing U.S. relations with Cuba. We invite all interested lawyers, legal workers, law students, and jail house lawyers to join in our work to the extent that they are able to do so.

In recent years, a major focus has been to support the immediate release for the Cuban 5, five Cuban nationals who have been imprisoned by the U.S. since September 1998, based on their efforts to try to monitor and deter terrorism organized in southern Florida against the people of Cuba and others who either visited Cuba or favored some kind of dialogue with the Cuban government.

The NLG Cuba SC operates a free email list serve, reporting and sharing news on US Cuba developments with a legal aspect. To subscribe, simply send an email to:

We oppose the continued US economic blockade of Cuba, and work to both educate the people of the U.S. about its design and its far reaching effects, and to organize against these continuing extraterritorial restrictions on peaceful trade, which is widely viewed as a violation of both international law and of the domestic law of many nations.

Since the year 2000, the Cuba SC organized a national network of lawyers to provide legal advice and representation for U.S. travelers to Cuba, and we continue to advise U.S. nationals re their constitutional rights in that regard, and how to protect them -- although administrative enforcement against individual travelers virtually ceased in late 2006. 

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