Peace Conference and Petition Drive to End the Korean War

Eric Sirotkin

The NLG Korean Peace Project, along with the Veterans for Peace Korea Peace Campaign, announced several joint undertakings, including a Petition Drive, conference and Photo Exhibit. First, is a Petition to Congress for a Peace Treaty to end the Korean War . The petition states:

“While we struggle to end the terrible war in Iraq, it is also urgent that we end “the Forgotten War” now. This year, we are observing the 55th anniversary of signing the Armistice Agreement that, in 1953, stopped the horrendous fighting in the Korean War.

Unfortunately, the Korean War is still continuing because the Armistice Agreement is yet to be replaced by a formal peace treaty.” (Continued on next page) NLG Korean Peace Project “The temporary ceasefire arrangement, which has fueled a dangerous arms race across the DMZ, is now outdated and in tatters. Koreans today want North- South reconciliation and peaceful reunification of their country. However, some 30,000 U.S. troops are still stationed in South Korea, costing billions of our tax dollars each year. It is about time to call for a new U.S. policy toward Korea.

As concerned Americans, including veterans of the Korean War, we urge you to take an active role in ending the longest, costly war between the United States and North Korea as soon as possible, so that real and lasting peace, reconciliation and cooperation can take place in Korea and in the surrounding Northeast Asia region.”

Click here to download the Petition to Congress for a Peace Treaty to end the Korean War and secure signatures from Chapters and members and others.

Second, along with many other co-sponsors, the groups are taking the lead to organize a Conference to End the Korean War in Washington DC this July 25-27th to coincide with the 55th anniversary fo the Armistice agreement. The event will include a program with scholars and activists, a presentation at the Washington Press Club and a memorial service and march from the Korean memorial to the White House.

Finally, be sure to check out Eric Sirotkin’s Forgotten Faces of North Korea Photo Exhibit and get the latest news about the Korean Peace Project here.

To participate, join the committee or get more information, please contact the NLG Korean Peace Project Committee Chair Eric Sirotkin at

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