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The Human Rights Framework project of the International Committee is a project to utilize international human rights law (declarations, covenants, and treaties as well as rulings and commentary by international tribunals and commissions) to promote economic and social rights in the U.S. It is a project designed to build information and awareness within the Guild and the larger human rights and legal services community about the international human rights framework, especially as it relates to economic, social and cultural rights (such as housing, healthcare, education and the right to a job and adequate standard of living), and the value of that framework in "bringing human rights home".

We have developed a "Toolkit" for local lawyers and activists to use to educate their communities and local officials and representatives about the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) by developing model resolutions for local jurisdictions to call for Senate ratification of the ICESCR, ensuring federal funding for the economic and social rights that are requirements of basic human rights.

In addition, we are presenting a series of webinars to educate attorneys and activists engaged in human rights and legal services work on human rights law and its relevance for promoting economic, social and cultural rights in the US. The Toolkit and the webinars, as well as additional background documents and discussion papers will be posted here.

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Human Rights 101 Webinar, presented by Jeanne Mirer

Audio recording is available here: (1hr 28m, mp3):
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Toolkit Urging ICESCR Ratification


H.R. 216
House Resolution 216 was introduced by Rep. John Lewis in May 2009, calling for ratification of major international treaties, including ICESCR. A factsheet and the text of the resolution are below:


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