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The Africa subcommittee was created in 2007. The Africa subcommittee opposes imperialism and racism against the people of Africa, and condemns the looting of Africa's vast resources by non-Africans. The Africa subcommittee respects the right of Africans to rule themselves and to empower themselves. The Africa subcommittee's role is not to attempt to solve issues that arise between Africans. Rather, as a U.S.-based group, the Africa subcommittee will encourage the United States government to behave in a responsible and respectful manner towards Africa. However, if the subcommittee is invited to assist in human rights advocacy, the subcommittee may do so guided by fairness, justice, and historical and cultural context.

In addition to presenting educational workshops and films at the National Lawyers Guild conventions and elsewhere, the subcommittee will organize fact-finding delegations to countries on the continent.

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