Mesoamerica Subcommittee

The Mission of the Mesoamerica Subcommittee is to de-fragmentize civil society by working on structural and root causes of human rights violations associated with climate refugees & migration and the movement of children and families across borders in order to create a Sanctuary Continent. ¨Sanctuary Continent¨ refers to our framework for addressing issues related to the rights of migrants, refugees, and displaced persons, who we approach as collective subjects of rights, including an increasing number of migrants of indigenous origin with collective rights pursuant to international law.

The Subcommittee will de-fragmentize civil society through education and skill development so we can strive to change the institutions that affect our lives at a local, county, state, country and regional level. Subcommittee members are bi-national citizens and human rights defenders of several generations, who reflect and represent the global communities’ diverse migrants. Many have long track records of program development, entrepreneurial success, community organizing or political and human rights advocacy, which are guided by inspired vision and long-term dedication to improving the lives of migrants and their defenders. Our younger members are emerging leaders from these communities, who are learning from more experienced leaders while developing and manifesting their own visions.

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Email: Jose Luis Fuentes, co-chair

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