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The Puerto Rico Subcommittee works to challenge U.S. colonialism in Puerto Rico, support Puerto Rican movements, and hold the U.S. accountable for its actions in Puerto Rico. It works to free Puerto Rican political prisoners and support Puerto Rican decolonization from the US; it is currently involved in legal and political work around Vieques and for relief of Puerto Rico's odious debt, as well as the case of Oscar Lopez Rivera.

Archive of Puerto Rico Subcommittee Materials 2006-2014

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Email: Judy Berkan or Jan Susler

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Puerto Rico Subcommittee Updates

  • Watch video: U.S. imperialist intervention in Latin America: Strategy and Analysis

    On February 13th, the International Committee of the National Lawyers Guild hosted a forum on U.S. imperialist intervention in Latin America at The People’s Forum in NYC with a focus on recent events in Venezuela and ongoing intervention in Honduras, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Cuba and more. The event focused on sharing analyses and strengthening strategies […]

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  • Feb. 13, NYC: U.S. Intervention in Latin America

    Wednesday, Feb. 13 6:30 pm The People’s Forum 320 W. 37th St, NYC Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2229227063765979 On February 13th, the International Committee of the National Lawyers Guild will host a forum on U.S. Imperialism in Latin America with a focus on recent events in Venezuela and ongoing intervention in Honduras, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Cuba and more. […]

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  • Video: Full Webinar on Global Repression of Dissent – Palestine, Puerto Rico and the Philippines

    The NLG’s National Office has made available a full recording of this webinar on global repression and resistance, filmed on 3 August 2018. Panelists from the NLG International Committee who discussed state and corporate repression of people’s movements in Palestine, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. (Other recordings of previous NLG webinars are available for streaming at the […]

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  • NLG Denounces Civil Rights Violations Against Puerto Rican Activists and Human Rights Lawyers

    May 10, 2018 Contact: Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan, NLG President president@nlg.org NEW YORK—The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) joins the Puerto Rican civil rights and legal communities in condemning the actions of law enforcement and the Puerto Rico Department of Justice (PRDOJ), in response to their ongoing persecution and intimidation of human rights lawyers and activists. […]

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  • Judith Berkan: Updates on Puerto Rico + KPFA Radio Interview

    Judith Berkan, co-chair of the Puerto Rico subcommittee, spoke with host Dennis Bernstein on April 18 on KPFA’s Flashpoints, discussing the current situation in Puerto Rico. Listen Online  | Download the MP3 She also issued an update to friends and family about the state of Puerto Rico today, facing post-Hurricane Maria devastation, colonialism, and austerity […]

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  • Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico: Cancel the debt – emergency relief now

    Following years of colonialism and the intensified assault of austerity in the past several years, Puerto Rico is suffering from the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria and the massive impact of climate change. As the National Lawyers Guild International Committee, we demand the immediate cancellation of Puerto Rico’s debt. We also join the many calls […]

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  • National Lawyers Guild statement in support of Oscar López Rivera and the National Puerto Rican Day Parade

    The National Lawyers Guild has a long and proud history of calling for the release of Oscar López Rivera and others imprisoned for seeking the freedom of their people. We stand behind the National Puerto Rican Day Parade’s decision to honor him in the 2017 parade, just as we stand behind Oscar’s humble decision to […]

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  • Urge President Obama to pardon Ana Belén Montes

    From the NLG Cuba Subcommittee: The National Lawyers Guild and many others around the hemisphere and world have called upon President Obama to pardon Ana Belén Montes, a decorated Puerto Rican career public servant who shared U.S. plans with Cuba based on her deep seated views over the injustice of the U.S. attempts to impose […]

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  • NLG Responds to the Commutation of the Sentences of Oscar López Rivera and Chelsea Manning

    (Above, L-R: Oscar López Rivera with atty. Jan Susler; Portrait of Chelsea Manning by Alicia Neal.) The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) is thrilled to learn of the commutations of the sentences of Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera and Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning, a victory due largely to the unwavering efforts of determined activists, […]

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  • NLG’s Jan Susler testifies on Puerto Rico to UN Decolonization Committee

    Jan Susler of the National Lawyers Guild, co-chair of the International Committee’s Puerto Rico Subcommittee, testified before the UN’s Decolonization Committee, urging that Puerto Ricans be able to exercise their inalienable right to self-determination, free of U.S. colonialism. Download Susler’s full testimony at this link: http://www.nlginternational.org/report/6.19.2015_nlg_un_decolonization_committee_presentation.pdf Crippling Trade Policies, Brain Drain, Sluggish Economy Constrain Puerto Rico’s […]

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