Anatomy of A War Crime: Single Deadliest Day in Gaza Since 1967

New York City Labor Against the War

Israel launched air strikes on Gaza for a second day on Sunday, December 28, 2008, piling pressure on Hamas after killing more than 270 people in one of the bloodiest days in 60 years of conflict between the Palestinians and the Jewish state. “The Amount of Death and Destruction is Inconceivable” Even after the dead are identified, doctors are having a hard time gathering the right body parts in order to hand them over to their families. Article Here

Unprecedented Casualties

The high numbers of casualties made Saturday the single deadliest day in the Gaza Strip since Israel’s occupation of the territory in 1967. Article Here

U.S. Complicity and Duplicity

Rather than criticize Israel’s actions and uphold the rule of international humanitarian law, the United States has taken the opportunity to stand by Israel and lambast Hamas.

Washington’s Position Here

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