NLG Delegation to the Philippines to Observe the May 2010 Elections

The Philippines Subcommittee is organizing a delegation of election observers in coordination with the People’s International Observers Mission 2010 (PIOM). Philippines elections are historically marked by rampant and deliberate use of fraud, violence, terrorism and wealth by the elite and traditional politicians to perpetuate their hold on power. This election season will be no different, as we have already seen with the shocking massacre of a caravan on their way to register a candidate for local elections last November. People throughout the Philippines are demanding change from the current regime. Since Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo came to power in 2001 there have been more than 1,100 extrajudicial killings and more than 200 disappearances. The times have been marked by the vilification of all opposition and a counter insurgency program that makes no distinction between civilians and armed combatants. This election could be the time for the majority of the electorate to change government. The mission of the delegation is to:

1. Investigate and expose electoral fraud and violence;

2. Exert political pressure on the Arroyo government against committing fraud and violence, especially against its most vocal opponents, giving special attention to the political parties that are targets of political killings and violence and are expected to be subjected to massive fraud;

3. Monitor the efforts of the people to protect their votes

4. Call attention to the international community to the continuing human rights violations and affront to democracy perpetrated by the state of the Philippines If you are interested in learning more please download the documents below and check out the information from the PIOM and the NLG Delegation Application. When you are ready to apply please send the following along with your resume to vanessa(at)edelsteinpayne(dot)com.

1. Delegation Application

2. Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk

3. People’s IOM Registration Form

Kindly return these documents before February 25, 2010.

Questions please contact: Vanessa Lucas, vanessa(at)edelsteinpayne(dot)com or (919) 828-1456

Note: Delegates will be responsible for their own costs and students are encouraged to look to their schools for funding. The costs of the trip will depend on what region you will be visiting. The estimates are available in the document entitled PIOM Quick Information Guide. Click each link to download:

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