Human and Trade Union Rights Delegation to Colombia

Come and join the National Lawyers Guild and the Alliance for Global Justice delegation to investigate the human and trade union rights situation in Colombia on May 27-June 5, 2011. Help us report back on the humanitarian and labor rights of Colombians and the United States’ role in the internal politics of Colombia.

The delegation will visit with:

  • Political prisoners/prisoners of conscience in Colombian prisons;
  • Leaders of trade unions including peasants, oil workers, miners, and others;
  • Human rights defenders and leaders of non-governmental organizations;
  • Members of indigenous and afro-Colombian communities;
  • Displaced persons and their representatives;
  • Student groups;
  • Defenders of women’s rights;
  • Members of governmental bodies and the Colombian legal system;
  • People involved in the search for a meaningful peace process in Colombia.

Upon return the delegation will write and publish a comprehensive report on the state of human and trade union rights in Colombia, the prospects for peace, and how these are effected by US policies.

Estimated costs of the delegation (excluding air fare to the country) $1,200.

Costs include: All food, all in country transportation, lodging, seminars and lectures, in-country guides, Spanish-English interpretation, and educational and miscellaneous materials.

Application deadline: February 28, 2011

For more information and an application: Mark Burton, 303-517-1187, James Jordan

Download application: Human and Trade Union Rights Delegation to Colombia

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