Prensa Latina: US Lawyers Support Venezuela Against Obama Decree


Caracas, Jul 9 (Prensa Latina) A group made up of 20 American lawyers, members of a National Lawyers Guild, today will continue its contacts with representatives of the public authorities of the Venezuelan State to express its rejection to the Executive Order decree.

The measure, issued by United States presidency, declared Venezuela last March 9 as ‘unusual and extraordinary’ threat of national security to the northern country.

On Wednesday, the delegation visited the headquarters of the Supreme Court, where Magistrate Fernando Vegas, member of the Electoral Chamber of the High Court, told activists about the functions of that entity and its powers.

He shall also answered the questions on the jurisdictional performance in order to respect the human rights of Venezuelans.

The activist, Lisa Sullivan stated that during his visit she was able to observe the media distortion in Venezuela, once they have experienced firsthand, the reality for the respect for the guarantee fo human rights in the country.

He assured that the group, which has visited this South American nation in other occasions as observers in various elections, will inform the international community about their experience.

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