NLG Seattle Chapter Sends Letter to University of Washington on StandWithUs Programming

The Seattle Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild sent a letter to Dean Michele Storms and Director Aline Carton-Listfjeld of the University of Washington School of Law, protesting the school’s support by Social Justice Tuesdays for a program on “Why Universities Need a Definition of Anti-Semitism,” sponsored by the right-wing Zionist organizations “StandWithUs” and the Louis D. Brandeis Center.

In particular, the NLG chapter noted “these two organizations’ specific campaign in educational settings, which we believe to be an abuse of Title VI claims with the consequence of silencing political speech and marginalizing Arab and Muslim students.” StandWithUs and the Brandeis Center have been key authors of a political strategy to label student Palestine activism – and indeed, criticism of Israel and Zionism – as “anti-semitic,” attempting to ban and silence Students for Justice in Palestine and other groups.

“We believe that this event is in direct opposition to the UW Race and Equity Action Plan as the event is promoted by racist groups who endorse violence and wish to further marginalize Palestinians and their Jewish supporters,” wrote the chapter.

For more information on the Brandeis Center, Stand With Us and their campaigns, see The Business of Backlash report.

Download: NLG Seattle Letter to University of Washington on Zionist Programming

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