Northeast Asia Peace and Demilitarization Legal Delegation – May 2018

Sponsored by the Lawyers for Demilitarization and Peace in Korea, The Ubuntuworks Project and the International Committee of the National Lawyers Guild

Please join us as we visit South Korea at this key time for peace in the region and also attend the National Japanese Lawyers Association for Freedom (JLAF)  Convention in Japan. Many JLAF lawyers have attended the NLG conventions over the years. The struggle to preserve Article 9, the Japanese peace constitution, is continually under threat as the Trump and Abe administrations are increasing the volatility and danger in the region. Key issues of nuclear weapons, US  militarism abroad and the important steps being taken by President Moon in South Korea,  himself a progressive lawyer, make this a crucial trip for organizing here at home, supporting the peace efforts in Asia and spreading peace alternatives.

The proposed itinerary is below.

May 12-13th – Travel to Seoul
May 14th – Meet with Progressive Lawyers in Minbyun and Peace and Reunification Groups  – Presentation on the progressive social and democratization movement in Korea
May 15th – Visit to the Blue House – Meet with President Moon, the NSC or his staff – Tour Seoul
May 16th – Visit to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) – Meet other peace and progressive groups
May 17th – Fly to Osaka, Japan
May 18th – Bullet train visit to Hiroshima and the Peace Monument
May 19th – May 21st Japanese Lawyers Association for Freedom Convention Kaike-Onnsenn(Spring) in Tottori.

Costs have not been set but the US-Seoul-Osaka-US tickets are around $1500. The  Ubuntuworks Project, a 501(c)(3) educational organization can accept donations to help supplement your trip expenses.

The trip is for North American judges, lawyers, legal workers, professors and law students who  support peace and demilitarization in Japan and Korea. The hope is that those who attend will give talks or media interviews upon their return to share what they have learned and experienced.

If you are interested please contact Eric Sirotkin ( and we will provide a formal application form and more details. Eric can be reached at 541-778-4897.  Visit or

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