Video: Full Webinar on Global Repression of Dissent – Palestine, Puerto Rico and the Philippines

The NLG’s National Office has made available a full recording of this webinar on global repression and resistance, filmed on 3 August 2018. Panelists from the NLG International Committee who discussed state and corporate repression of people’s movements in Palestine, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. (Other recordings of previous NLG webinars are available for streaming at the NLG’s Public Webinars page.)

Watch the video online:

As colonialist regimes gain power across the globe, we have seen more people speaking out against white supremacist and fascist rhetoric and policies as well as an increased attack on dissent, particularly on human rights defenders from economically poor communities of color. Movements to challenge and defeat racism, colonialism, state violence, and corporate-state collusion have been met with an intentional, organized, and militarized response. Challenges to state-corporate power and the rise of disaster capitalism inspires widespread organizing to challenge mega-infrastructure projects like fossil fuels in Puerto Rico, the expansion of the prison and detention industrial complex in rural and poor communities, the targeting of Muslim and anti-war activists in the Philippines, and the building of border walls in Palestine and on the Mexico-U.S. border. The continuous threat of state, corporate and military violence tying together these colonial and neo-colonial projects is targeting those who speak out against it through enhanced surveillance, hate speech, and police terror.

As an organization of people’s lawyers working to protect our movements and its activists in the era of Trump, how can we expose the organized interests behind this repression? What are lawyers doing to help align movements to be anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and anti-racist? What does resistance to this repression look like in your community?

Speakers include NLG International Committee ( members:

Suzanne Adely, Co-Chair, NLG International Committee and Member, NLG Palestine Subcommittee
Audrey Bomse, human rights attorney and Chair, NLG Palestine Subcommittee
Jackelyn Mariano, Co-Chair, NLG International Committee and Member, NLG Philippines Subcommittee
Mariana Nogales Molinelli, human rights attorney and Member, NLG Puerto Rico Subcommittee

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