Video: “Fighting Fascism” panel at the 2018 Law for the People Convention

The following video is an excerpt from the panel on the rise of global fascist threats at the 2018 Law for the People convention in Portland, Oregon. The presentations here highlight some of the key issues in the United States and around the world and are meant to spark discussion about strategies to defend peoples under attack and confront fascism.

The presenters include Suzanne Adely, International Committee co-chair and International Association of Democratic Lawyers bureau member. She discusses the role of “anti-terror” laws in forwarding state oppression and alliances between imperialist and colonialist powers. Jeff Frank, longtime IC member and the coordinator of Friends of the MST, discusses the rise of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and the popular resistance. In addition, Carey Lamprecht provides short background on the connections between fascism and patriarchy, while Jackie Mariano, IC co-chair and Philippines Subcommittee co-chair, addresses the Duterte regime in the Philippines and its alliance with the United States.

Watch the video below:

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