Schedule of International Committee Events at the NLG Convention

Join the NLG International Committee for a series of events and activities at this year’s Law for the People Convention, beginning Monday, Sept. 21, 2020! 

Register online:

To participate in these events, you must register for the NLG Convention. You can attend all Convention events as part of your registration – just follow the directions to create your schedule!Please note, the NLG Convention is open to members and non-members!

Sliding scale registration is available, with registration for the entire, all-digital convention beginning at $25 for NLG members and $50 for non-members. If you need a fee waiver in order to attend the CLE or the Convention as a whole, please contact to request a fee waiver or reduction.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to get your Zoom links for each event, you must use the “Sched” link sent to you by the National Office when you register for the Convention! You must choose your events no later than the night before. We encourage you to register today and make your schedule! 

Below is the full program of IC Events at the Convention: 

Monday, Sept. 21, 2020 –  9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern timeCLE: The Law of Occupation, with Dr. Federico Lenzerini, Dr. Keanu Sai, Marjorie Cohn and Valentina Azarova.

Poster created by Andy Reid

Four CLE credits are available for this program, with presentations on humanitarian and human rights law and the U.S. occupations of Hawai’i, Afghanistan and Iraq, and Israel’s occupation of Palestine.  (CLE Credit will be given through the State Bar of CA. After the convention, the NLG will be emailing out attendance verification forms to all attendees.) For details about the CLE, please see:


Tuesday, Sept. 22 – 12 pm Pacific/3 pm Eastern: International Committee Meeting

Please join us for our annual business and membership meeting! Find out everything that is happening with our subcommittees and how you can get involved, and make decisions about the year of work to come for the International Committee.


Wednesday, Sept. 23 – 4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern: Workshop – Housing as a Human Right in the Era of COVID-19

Many moratoria on evictions have already expired or will soon, and the recession will increase homelessness substantially. Panelists will discuss the right to adequate housing from the United Nations stance, the racialization of COVID-19 and its connection to homelessness, and policies that support anti-displacement and housing security while reversing growing trends of displacement and homelessness. Sponsored by the NLG Housing Committee & International Committee.

With Speakers: Leilana Farha, Jade Duffie McClary, Leah Simon-Weisberg, Eric Tars and Dominique Walker.


Friday, Sept. 25 – 9 am Pacific /12 pm Eastern: NLG Plenary on Governance

This plenary will focus on Guild elections, including the candidacy of IC Co-chair Suzanne Adely for the Guild Presidency.


Friday, Sept. 25 -4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern: Online Reception for the International Committee and the Labor and Employment Committee

This year, it’s BYOB! Join the IC and the LEC for our online reception. The Debra Evenson Venceremos International Award will be presented to Charlotte Kates, we will honor some important events that took place this year, and the LEC will honor our co-chair and Ernie Goodman Award recipient Jeanne Mirer.


Tuesday, Sept. 29 – 9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern: Cuba Subcommittee Meeting

Join the Convention meeting for the Cuba Subcommittee. Learn about efforts to break the blockade of Cuba and Cuba solidarity work in the NLG.


Wednesday, Sept. 30 – 12 pm Pacific/3 pm Eastern: Task Force on the Americas Meeting

Join the Convention meeting for the Task Force on the Americas to learn about and get involved in organizing with many subcommittees, including Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Haiti and work on Bolivia, Venezuela and more.


Wednesday, Sept. 30 – 4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern: Major Panel – Crisis and Failed States: How the Pandemic Deepened the Police State (CLE)

As citizens organize against disaster capitalism policies and make collective demands, the state has become more violent, more privatized and also more exposed. This workshop will address the construction of criminalizing narratives and the policing of citizens from an internationalist perspective, surfacing how workers’ organizing, housing insecurity individuals and Afro-descendant communities have been fighting back against corporate-state violence. Sponsored by International Committee, Puerto Rico Subcommittee, TUPOCC (The United People of Color Caucus of the NLG).

Speakers: Ariadna Godreau Aubert, Ayuda Legal PR; Mari Mari Narvaez, Kiolmetro 0; Kranti KC, India y ESCR Network; Andrea Ritchie; Marisol Lebron


Thursday, Oct. 1 – 9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern: Mesoamerica Subcommittee Meeting

Join the Mesoamerica Subcommittee meeting to discuss NLG work around Mexico and Central America, including the effects of rising U.S.-China tensions on the region.


Thursday, Oct. 1 – 12 pm Pacific/3 pm Eastern: Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Subcommittee Meeting 

Join the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Committee meeting for news, updates and activities on efforts to support indigenous communities resisting extractive industries and defending sovereignty.


Thursday, Oct. 1 – 4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern: Workshop – Racism and Anti-Blackness: Cuba, Revolution and Black Liberation


What lessons are there in comparative social constructs, movements for Black liberation, and state and organizational responses to individual and systemic racism and anti-Blackness? This workshop will engage experts on Cuba and the U.S. on:

  • The social construction of race and the applicability/limitations of critical legal and race theory outside of the U.S.
  • Movements for Black lives and the comparative trajectories of fights against anti-Blackness in Cuba and the U.S.
  • Dismantling structural racism and anti-Blackness through institutional, political and social interventions

Sponsored by NLG International Committee, Cuba Subcommittee, TUPOCC. Speakers: Dr. Tamara Lee; Yanet Pumariega Perez; August H. Nimtz, Jr.; Esteban “Tatico” Jimenez Guerra; Dr. Gail Walker


Saturday, Oct. 3 – 9 am Pacific/12 pm EasternMajor Panel – Global Capital & the Disposability of Workers & the Poor in the COVID Era

This panel brings together labor lawyers and leaders from around the globe to discuss what the pandemic has revealed about the structure of global capitalism, racial capitalism and exploitation, and the impact on workers in the global supply chain during COVID. Preliminary Reading for the major panel: “Until We Win: Black Labor and Liberation in the Disposable Era” by Kali Akuno (2015). Sponsored by the International Labor Justice Working Group.

Speakers: Jaribu Hill, Biju Mathew, Max Boqwana, Luisa Fernanda Duque, Suzanne Adely

Saturday, Oct. 3 – 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern: Workshop – Branding Protest as “Terrorist” and How We Resist (CLE)

Black, Palestinian, Indigenous, anti-fascist, and environmental justice movements have been attacked by both the state and ultra-right organizations as “terrorists.” The label is a tool to surveil, criminalize and repress our movements- both historically and currently. We will discuss how the branding is deployed to repress liberation movements using tactics such as: formal legal designations, broad surveillance authorization, the use of Joint Terrorism Task Forces to investigate and prosecute activists, lawsuits by far-right plaintiffs, and more. We will review how the terrorist labeling has attempted to neutralize movements, and how activists and movement lawyers collaborate to resist.

Speakers: Amira Mattar; Moira Meltzer-Cohen; Leoyla Cowboy; Ajamu Dillahunt; Marbre Stahly-Butts


Saturday, Oct. 3 – 4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern: NLG Awards Ceremony (includes presentation of the Ernie Goodman Award to Jeanne Mirer, IC Co-Chair)

At the NLG 2020 Awards Ceremony, we will honor Guild members and allies whose exceptional work has contributed to social justice movements! Please join us as we present the following awards:

Law for the PeopleAward: Minnesota NLG Chapter

Ernie Goodman Award: Jeanne Mirer

Legal Worker Award: Sara Kershnar

C.B. King (Law Student) Award: Jodi Hill

Carole King Award (National Immigration Project): Michael Wishnie

Sunday, Oct. 4 – 4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern: Plenary #2: Role of the Guild in the Fight for People’s Liberation

Suzanne Adely (International Committee Co-Chair) and Pooja Gehi (NLG Executive Director) invite us to reflect on historical examples of State repression and movement resistance. By connecting this political moment to a global frame, panelists will brainstorm the role of the NLG in the struggle for peoples’ liberation. Edre Olalia, president of the National Union of People’s Lawyers of the Philippines, will participate.

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