January 14, Call-In Day to Free Simon Trinidad

Call-In Day to Free Simon Trinidad!

Call 202-616-6070, ext. 4 and say,
“Tell Trump to pardon Simon Trinidad”

Thurs, Jan. 14, 9am to 5pm EDT

Phone number is for the Office of the Pardon Attorney, U.S. Dept. of Justice

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Asks President Trump to Free Simon Trinidad

Prominent Argentinian Nobel Peace Prize laureate Adolfo Perez Esquivel and 43 other human rights activists from 18 countries have written to President Donald Trump asking him to free Simon Trinidad.
Perez Esquivel, a writer and painter, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1980 for his opposition to the Argentinian military dictatorship (1976-83) which tortured him and held him without trial for fourteen months.

Simon Trinidad, a Colombian citizen and a peace negotiator for the FARC, has been jailed for 17 years at the supermax prison in Florence, Colorado where he is unable to receive visitors or mail. He celebrated his 70th birthday this past July.

The letter asks Trump to pardon or commute Trinidad’s 60-year sentence stating that it took four trials and three hung juries to convict him. The letter goes on to say, “Freeing Trinidad and allowing him to return to Colombia, would advance the peace process.”

The letter finishes by saying that releasing Trinidad “…would be a real gesture of peace…” which “Most all the people of Latin America would applaud.”

Full text of the letter is on the National Committee to Free Simon Trinidad website and here on Facebook.

Contact: SimonTrinidadLibre@gmail.com or www.freesimontrinidad.org

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