August 21, Webinar: Looming War In Korea: What keeps peace so elusive and what can be done?

Eric Sirotkin of the Lawyers for Disarmament and Peace in Korea (, the Ubuntuworks Education Project and the National Lawyers Guild  invites you to a scheduled Zoom webinar. Mr. Sirotkin, a long time human rights attorney and author will present based upon his many trips to both North and South Korea as well as work with the US Congress and State Department on peaceful approaches to resolve this long standing conflict.

Topic: Looming War In Korea: What keeps peace so elusive and what can be done? : Everything you want to know about Korea, but that the US Government wants you afraid to ask
Time: Aug 21, 2017 5:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada) / 8:00 Eastern Time

The webinar will include the following:

1. History of the conflict, including the US military presence and history in Korea,

2, The current role of the US in Korea and the region;

3. The past efforts at North/South Reconciliation.

4. The new Moon Jae-in administration in Korea and how a progressive lawyer as President is making a difference;

5. Motivations for Instability in the region – Economic, racial and geo-political factors.

6. The legal and political arguments for peace.

7. The history of prior agreements and their breaches;

8. Basic suggestions for moving forward toward a peace treaty, demilitarization and non-proliferation.

9. Coalition building – Expanding the Lawyers for Demilitarization and Peace and Building alliances with South Korean Peace and progressive lawyer groups.

10. Talking Points and Outreach.

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