January 21, Philadelphia: Fidel Castro: The Cuban Revolution and Our Common Future

On January 21, 2017 at the Historic Church of the Advocate in the heart of Black North Philadelphia, the symposium, Fidel Castro: The Cuban Revolution and Our Common Future will take place. This event seeks to study Fidel’s life, its relationship to the Cuban Revolution and to the struggles of the US people and of humanity. This is conceived as a contribution to ideological clarity and theoretical sophistication in a time when the neoliberal capitalist regime globally faces a crisis of unprecedented dimensions.

It is hoped that from this symposium will come new ways of thinking about the future, new ways of organizing and new practices of liberation for this time.

The Cuban Revolution constitutes a new moment in humanity’s revolutionary history. This is so because it tackles fundamental contradictions of the capitalist epoch: colonialism, white supremacy, class exploitation, poverty, the inequality of women, and the oppression of the rural masses. Its leadership insisted from the outset that the goals of the Revolution were more than to topple the dictatorship and build socialism in Cuba, but to assist humanity in resolving in practice the main contradictions of this epoch. It, therefore, became a selfless part of the world’s revolutionary and emancipatory forces. The Cuban Revolution’s contributions to the liberation of Africa, the Palestinian people and African Americans is unprecedented, and a historic contribution to human emancipation and world morality. The Revolution is thus a monumental contribution to humanity as a whole.

Suzanne Adely, the chair of the Guild’s MENA Action Group and co-chair of the International Committee, will be participating on the 2:45 pm panel, “Internationalism and Resistance to Imperialism.”

For the mission statement, full program and more, see the conference website: http://www.fidelinrevolution.org/