Honduras Solidarity Network statement on US recognition of Honduran election results

Honduras Solidarity Network of North America


In light of today’s statement from the US Department of State congratulating Juan Orlando Hernandez on his election victory, the Honduras Solidarity Network of North America (HSN) declares the following:

We reject the deceitful and arrogant position of the US government which ignores the clamor of the Honduran people for democracy and the ongoing deadly violence by the Honduran government against the people.

The US talks about the opposition filing election challenges as if it were not widely known that the entire election apparatus and process is corrupted and under the control of Hernandez. The US ignores even its allies in the Organization of American States (OAS) such as Luis Almagro, head of the OAS, who after the Electoral Tribunal (TSE) announced Hernandez’s victory stated, “The Honduran people deserve an electoral exercise that provides democratic quality and guarantees. The electoral cycle that the TSE concluded today clearly has not met those standards.”

The US talks about the need for “robust dialogue” as if the troop movements, death squads and military violence cannot be seen across Honduras, every day and night since November 30, when it was first clear that the opposition Alianza had won the election.  The US ignores the fact that more than 30 unarmed people, as young as 13 years old, have been executed in the street during non-violent protests.

Unfortunately, the position taken by the US government is not a surprise. It is a continuation of support – political, economic and military – for dictatorships that serve what it defines as its geo-political and economic interests. Furthermore there is a continuous line in US policy and actions in Honduras from the coup in 2009 to the present coup against democracy. The US has been an instigator, facilitator and an accomplice in the destruction of the rule of law, democracy and the future in Honduras.

The people of Honduras remain in resistance. They are  defending their vote, their civil and human rights and the possibility of shaping their country into a place where they can look forward to a decent life for themselves, their children and grandchildren.  This is their right and we are inspired by their courage shown a thousand times a day; we are ashamed of the United States for being on the side of terror and destruction.

The weapons, bullets, tear gas, tanks and clubs being used by the military and police and paramilitary are paid for by US funding that comes from the taxes paid by US citizens and residents. This must end!  In the US we must work to cut off their money and to end all support for dictatorship!

!Solidarity with the Honduran People!

Honduras Solidarity Network in North America

The Honduras Solidarity Network of North America is a network of 28 organizations in the United States and Canada working together in solidarity with the Honduran people and Honduran human rights and social movement organizations.



Photo: Joe Catron/Flickr

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