Statement of International Solidarity with the People’s Movement in Algeria

The National Lawyers Guild is a signatory of the following statement:

The Algerian anti-colonial revolution was a catalyst for liberation struggles around the world. Algeria has strayed far from that historic mission and the people’s independence was confiscated by a comprador military-oligarchic elite that, for decades, has dispossessed, pauperized and stifled Algerians and Algerian political life.

Algerians have risen once again to regain their full dignity. Since February 22nd, 2019, millions of Algerians have descended into the streets every Tuesday and Friday, picking up their ancestor’s mantel of liberation and emancipation. After six months of consecutive weekly protests, the Algerian revolt (The Hirak/Harak) is entering a new and critical phase.

The people’s demands – for full-sovereignty, social justice, de-militarization of political life, civilian democratic rule, an end to subservience to imperialist and neocolonial designs in Africa and elsewhere – have so far fallen on deaf ears. The junta’s gradual and systematic repression of the movement has affected students, trade unionists, politicians, lawyers, veterans of the anti-colonial struggle, journalists, peasants, educators, workers and unemployed activists alike.

Algerians are determined to regain their freedom in full. They steadfastly and courageously continue to protest on a weekly basis. In response to the junta’s and its foreign backers’ intransigence the popular movement plans to engage in civil disobedience starting in the fall and will need the support of all progressive forces around the world.

International solidarity to support the uprising’s popular demands will be crucial. These demands include:

  • For an immediate end to military rule and the establishment of a civilian state;
  • For the release of all political prisoners;
  • To oppose and condemn repression and all forms of state violence;
  • To oppose and condemn the provision of military, financial, diplomatic and any other forms of assistance and intervention from imperialist governments;
  • To oppose all concessions and contracts with foreign governments and multinational corporations until a legitimate and representative government is in place.

As individuals, organizations and movements- struggling for liberation, justice and dignity around the world; we are aware that the future of our very own freedom, self-determination and emancipation is at stake in Algeria at this very moment. It is our duty to stand with the people’s movement in Algeria in their struggle against exploitation and neocolonialism, oppression and injustice, dispossession and militarism. We recognize that the fate of Algeria can only be decided by Algerians themselves. With this in mind, we stand in solidarity with

Algerians struggling for dignity and social justice, sovereignty, independence and emancipation.

Initial Signatories 

  1. The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (USA)
  2. Parti des Indigènes de la République (France)
  3. The Frantz Fanon Foundation (France)
  4. The National Lawyers Guild (USA)
  5. The Red Nation (USA)
  6. The Black Alliance for Peace (USA)
  7. The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (Int’l)
  8. The Arab Lawyers Union (Int’l)
  9. The European Association of Lawyers for Democracy & World Human Rights (Int’l)
  10. Project South (USA)
  11. The Arab Resource and Organizing Center (USA)
  12. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network (Int’l)
  13. Algeria Solidarity Campaign (UK)
  14. Platform London (UK)
  15. Within Our Lifetime – United for Palestine (USA)
  16. The Observatory of Food Sovereignty and Environment (Tunisia)
  17. The Haldane Society (UK)
  18. Daraja Press (Canada)
  19. AlgeriaRevolt Collective (Int’l)
  20. The Revolutionary Socialists Current (Egypt)
  21. Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century (UK)
  22. ATTAC/CADTM (Morocco)
  23. Tadhamun (UK)
  24. The MENA Solidarity Network (Int’l)
  25. The Middle East Solidarity Magazine (Int’l)
  26. Amandla CKUT (Canada)


What else can you do? 

  1. Share this statement of solidarity with groups, organizations, movements and individuals in your networks.
  2. Pass a resolution in your organization, union, movement or group in support of the people’s movement in Algeria.
  3. Write an article, op-ed, social media post in support of the Algerian revolt.
  4. Organize a webinar, talk or discussion on the situation in Algeria, drawing parallels with your particular struggles and contribute to building concrete infrastructures for international solidarity. For suggested speakers, email:
  5. Join a protest in your area. For more information, email: or subscribe to the social media handles provided below.
  6. Stay up to date by following these accounts:
    i) Facebook Page : @AlgeriaRevolt
    ii) Twitter : @AlgeriaRevolt

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