February 23-26: NLG International Weekend in Puerto Rico

National Lawyers Guild International Weekend in Puerto Rico

February 23-26, 2017

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Colegio de Abogados – 808 Avenida Juan Ponce De Leon, San Juan, Puerto Rico



**A side trip is being coordinated after the Retreat to travel to Cuba and to connect with a portion of the Labor and Employment Committee delegation in Havana. If you are interested in joining the side delegation to Cuba, please email Susan Scott at syscott@sonic.net**

The National Lawyers Guild will convene its International Weekend this year in San Juan, Puerto Rico! The International Weekend is an opportunity to learn about the Guild’s international work around the world – from Latin America to Palestine to Turkey to Egypt to the Philippines and more – and in the United States, where the Guild’s International Committee and affiliated Subcommittees works on Environmental Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, the human rights framework and holding the U.S. government accountable. It’s also an opportunity to focus on the struggles of Puerto Rico against U.S. colonialism, odious debt – and celebrate the victory of Oscar Lopez Rivera and the Puerto Rican people’s movement.

The event will begin with a gathering on Thursday evening, 23 February, followed by discussions and presentations until Sunday, 26 February.

The program will begin on Thursday, 23 February with an evening get-together. Details arranged by Puerto Rico Subcommittee! 
The following day – Friday, 24 February, is a full delegation day in support of the struggles in Puerto Rico that has been arranged by the Puerto Rico Subcommittee. 
– Visit to Peñuelas in the south to meet with activists organizing resistance to the release of coal ash on their town.  Will also meet with Arturo Massol, Director of Casa Pueblo (leading environmental justice organization on the island).
– Return to Colegio de Abogados y Abogadas de Puerto Rico (PR Bar Association) for an afternoon session discussing and debriefing the economic and fiscal crisis, the federal fiscal control board and resistance.
– Evening mixer with the CAAPR Board of Directors and dinner 

Saturday, 25 February and Sunday, 26 February will feature the IC’s meetings. 
Saturday Program 9:30-11:00 am
Global Rise of Authoritarianism 
Israel: Role in Repression World-Wide
USA: Trump’s Election & Its Impact on Human Rights
Turkey-Philippines-Egypt (brief overviews)
Venezuela-Brazil – The Middle Class/Upper Class in Rebellion
11:30 – 1:00
Neo-liberalism, War & Global Migration 
Global Refugee & Migrant Crisis
Corporations in Power, Impact on Workers World-Wide
Planning IC Work 
Small group break-outs
Sunday discussions will continue from Saturday and include setting priorities for the IC’s work in the next year, discussing outcomes from the key themes on Saturday and planning workshops for this year’s Law for the People Convention.

The International Weekend will include in-depth presentations on Puerto Rico and other international movements and struggles. It is also an opportunity for business meetings and strategy discussions to direct the future of the Guild’s International work.

Organized by the National Lawyers Guild International Committee: http://nlginternational.org

If you need solidarity housing, please email international@nlg.org.