31 May, online event: Sanctioned Countries Denounce New US Military Threats

Sanctioned Countries Denounce New US military Threats on Sunday, May 31 at 1:00 pm Eastern/10:00 am Pacific.

Organized by the Sanctions Kill Campaign.

Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_f5ntIQ8ORBC6u1cts7t7vQ

We will hear from these esteemed speakers:
Palestine: Dr. Medhat Abbas, Director of Primary Care, speaking from Gaza,
Yemen: Dr. Yahyia Mohammed Saleh Murshed, Union of Arab Academics, speaking from Sana’a University, Yemen,
Venezuela: Carlos J. Ron Martinez, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, speaking from Venezuela,
Iran: Sayed Hosein Mousavian, Retired Iranian Ambassador, now teaching at Princeton University,
Korea DPRK: Dr. Kee B. Park, Harvard Medical School neurosurgeon, who volunteers in DPRK.

To enforce illegal U.S. sanctions:
– A U.S. Naval Blockade threatens 5 Iranian tankers en route to Venezuela and other normal trade.
– Meanwhile 15 oil and supply tankers are blocked from entering Yemen’s ports. The U.S. Navy has blockaded Yemen by sea, land and air for 5 years.
– U.S. military, economic and diplomatic aid supports the Israeli naval and land blockade of Gaza.
– The seizure of a Korean ship, decades of sanctions and U.S. Naval war games just off the coast of DPRK threaten all of Asia.
– U.S. aircraft carriers, nuclear subs and destroyers continue to threaten shipping in the Persian Gulf and Straights of Hormuz.
– The US’ escalating military threats against shipments of desperately needed supplies pose a threat to the entire world.
– The Pentagon considering new nuclear tests along with the mass production of thousands of hypersonic nuclear missiles and U.S.-commanded war games in Europe and the Pacific are an ominous escalation.
– Coercive economic measures backed up by military threats are Acts of War.
– Interference in normal and perfectly legal trade between independent nations is an act of piracy.
– In a time of global pandemic, all of these acts are Crimes against Humanity.

If you missed the first webinar, you can watch it here.

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