Sun, Feb. 11, Webinar: South Africa v Israel — The International Coalition Against Genocide

South Africa v Israel — The International Coalition Against Genocide
Sunday, February 11, 2024, 11 AM EST (8 am PST)
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As the world watches the bombings of homes and hospitals, killing mostly children and women, the murder of healthcare and aid workers and media, and the denial of basic necessities to Gazans, civil society has risen in solidarity with Palestine with major demonstrations, efforts to blockade weapons and other supplies to Israel and legal cases to stop the genocide and hold individuals accountable. One expression of this resistance is a new International Coalition to Stop Genocide in Palestine, which currently has over 2,000 endorsing organizations from 100 countries.

Webinar speakers include:

  • Ajamu Baraka, National Organiser of the Black Alliance for Peace and member of the UNAC Administrative Committee.
  • Margaret Flowers, Director of Popular Resistance and members of the UNAC Administrative Committee for the United National Antiwar Coalition
  • Suzanne Adely, Pres. National Lawyers Guild, US Palestinian Community Network.

They will discuss the case against Israel and the new coalition and actions being planned to support the South African case against Israel.

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