January 26, Online Launch of the People’s Academy of International Law

Please join us for the webinar launch of…

The Monique and Roland Weyl
Thursday, January 26
1 pm UTC (5 am PT, 8 am ET, 2 pm CET, 10 pm JST)
Register to attend: https://bit.ly/peoplesintlaw

International law is in crisis. For too long, reactionary forces have tried to strip progressive international instruments of their meaning, while selectively claiming authority over other rights in order to promulgate war and exploitation, rather than bringing them to an end. In many cases, the teaching of international law does not contextualize it, does not study it in its historical dimension, and generally presents it rather as a succession of static and formalistic rules.

The People’s Academy of International Law is a new initiative that aims to democratize and popularize the teaching of international law to lawyers, legal workers, law students and jurists in order to empower them to seize these international instruments and use them as tools in peoples’ struggles and the struggle for peoples’ rights.

The Academy will include comprehensive courses taught by experienced and distinguished faculty as well as a series of seminars focusing on specific issues in international law today.

Learn about the Academy, its goals and its upcoming programs at our launch webinar. Hear from:

  • Marjorie Cohn, Founding Dean of the People’s Academy of International Law
  • Jeanne Mirer, President of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers
  • Jun Sasamoto, President of the Confederation of Lawyers of Asia and the Pacific (COLAP)
  • and members of our distinguished Scientific Committee from around the world.

Register to join us at https://bit.ly/peoplesintlaw

Organized by the International Association of Democratic Lawyers

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