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logo_fsm_2015(Neo)Colonial Militarism and State Violence: Global – Local Connections

The National Lawyers Guild is a co-sponsor of the following event at the World Social Forum, the international gathering of social movements taking place in Tunis March 24-28:

TIME: March 27, 3 pm
LOCATION: Salle TD9, World Social Forum, Tunis, Tunisia

From the Arab uprisings, to Ferguson, Palestine, Chiapas, Nairobi, Syntagma Square and Ain Salah, grassroots activists are challenging the entrenched inequality, violence and repression that characterizes neoliberal governance and (neo)colonial militarism. Though invigorated by new ideas and forms of organizing, these activists build upon the inspiration, ideas, strategies and networks developed over decades by anti-colonial/imperial, anti-racist, labor and human rights struggles.

Focusing on the physical and structural forms of violence inherent in neoliberal forms of governance, militarism and national security state politics the panel will address some of the most pressing questions facing grassroots activists today, including: What are the key connections to be made between localized forms of oppression and the global power structures to which they are linked? How can these connections help empower cross-border mobilization and coordination? What can activists learn from the successes and failures of past and present forms of mass-mobilization- from the anti-colonial, Third Worldist and civil rights struggles of the early-mid 20th century, to the contemporary resistance movements around state violence, racial justice, militarism and neoliberal-capitalist expansion/exclusion?

Event co-sponsors: National Lawyers Guild, Frantz Fanon Foundation, Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association

ABDEEN JABARA, US civil rights lawyer/activist (NLG)
HAMZA HAMOUCHENE, Algeria Solidarity Campaign
CORINNA MULLIN, University of Tunis/School of Oriental and African Studies

AUDREY BOMSE, Human rights attorney/activist (NLG)

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